Monday, September 22, 2008

Hold a Yard Sale as a Charity Fund Raiser

ABOVE: Members of the 2008 Team in Training cycle team at the yard sale.

Charity Fundraising Yard Sale
On Saturday September 20th, members of our Palm Beach Team in Training cycle team held a yard sale to help them raise funds for the Leukemia Society. My husband, the team coach, and I hosted the yard sale at our house in Delray Beach. We have a large yard, 6/10th's of an acre, and two driveways, so we knew we had plenty of room for a yard sale.

We parked all the team vehicles in one of the driveways, and setup all our merchandise along the edge of the front, semi-circular driveway. That still left plenty of room for customers to park along the street, although we still had a few that tried to park in our neighbors driveways.

Although we had TONS of donated merchandise to sell, and a huge crowd of people, we still didn't raise that much money for the 4 members of the team that were conducting the yard sale. 99% of the yard sale customers were from another country, and didn't want to pay very much for any of the items. They were looking for bargain basement deals. We didn't want to end up with a bunch of unsold merchandise, so we priced it to sell.

Not a lot of Dough
The team raised around $440, which split 4 ways, was only $110 for each participant. We started setting up for the sale at 5:30 AM and the sale went until 1 PM. This is the first yard sale I've ever taken part of. I've heard of other Team in Training yard sales where they've made a ton of $$, so I don't know why ours was any different. We also had all kinds of information setup on Team in Training, and we were all wearing Team in Training shirts. We had a donation jar setup, since we were raising funds for charity, but we only collected a few donations.

One of the yard sale participants brought along their two daughters who were a great help. Their older daughter helped us setup for the sale, at 5:30 AM! Their younger daughter setup a lemonade stand and sold that during the sale to help raise a few more $$.

Too Much Work
It was a lot of time and effort for not very great results. We started collecting donated merchandise 6 weeks before the sale, so our house looked like a total disaster area. I doubt I would ever donate the use of our house for another yard sale, especially since we didn't even collect any of the money. I am one of the cycle team mentors, so I was doing the sale to help out some of the cycle team members that were having trouble with their fundraising goals.

The one nice thing, was being able to hang out with the cycle team members. On our weekly rides, all the talk is about training, nutrition, etc... Nice to get to know our team members a little bit better. 7 of us went out for lunch afterwards at La Bamba's in Delray. Mexican and Cuban food - yum! I got the pork chunks with black beans & rice and plantains - delicious. I even had a beer to go along with my meal!

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