Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bike Diva is Doing Disney Marathon

I did it - last night I signed up to do the Disney Marathon, with Team in Training. The Disney Marathon takes place on January 11th 2009 in Orlando, Florida.

Since I'm mentoring the fall Team in Training cycle team, I can't get to the weekend team runs until after I've completed the Intracoastal Century Ride on October 26th. But last night I met the husband and wife Delray Beach marathon coaches. They do a team run every Monday and Wednesday night from Linton Blvd.

Geeez, guess this means I'll actually have to start running?

Couldn't get my husband Rob interested in signing up to do the marathon, but he said he could help me with my fundraising for Disney. If ya'll have any spare cash lying around - here's a link to my marathon fundraising page: Lynn's Disney Marathon Page.

I haven't quite finished my fundraising for the century ride, and now I've signed up to raise more money for the Leukemia Society - yup, I'm totally bonkers.

As a bonus for signing up for the full marathon at Disney, on December 7th, 2008 I'll be doing the half marathon at the Marathon of the Palm Beaches as a training run.

Hey, who wants to do the ING Miami Marathon? That's just a couple of weeks after Disney. And I heard it's a qualifier for the Boston Marathon - evil evil evil Just kidding, I'm in the "I just want to finish without passing out" crowd, not going for any particular time.

So if you happen to see a hippopotamus in jogging clothes, slugging around the roads of Delray Beach, please try to restrain yourself from making any derogatory comments. I've already been heckled by passing motorists and I don't need any more wise cracks. Unless you want to make a donation to my fundraising - in that case wise cracks are $25, gawking costs $50 and an entire heckling session will cost you $100.

I guess I should get a few photos taken of me actually running. The only action shots I have of myself are of me riding a bike.

Let the fun begin. icon_cheers

Take care,
Lynn AKA the Bike Diva, or should I call myself the Run Goddess now!?!

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