Monday, June 2, 2008

TNT Stretching Clinic

On Sunday, June 1st, after our team bike ride, physical therapist Vauleia Akimenko held a stretching clinic for members of the TNT triathlon and cycle teams. The clinic was held in Bryant Park in Lake Worth where we started/ended our ride.

I've attached a copy of Vauleia's business card to the top of this post in case anyone wants to contact her. I'm also including 2 pages of cycling specific stretches from Bob Anderson's Stretching book. Many of these stretches can be performed using your bike as a support.

Vauleia mentioned that stretching before and after doing a ride is very important to help prevent injuries. Now that our rides are getting longer, a good habit to get into, is to do a few stretches at the rest stop, while our muscles are warmed up. I find that stretching at the end of the ride is helpful too, but if I forget to stretch at the end of the ride, I always try to stretch out once I get back home.

Vauleia handed out a stretching, strengthening and injury prevention workbook at the clinic, which included b/w photos of cycling specific stretches. See Jill Kieta at the next team ride, if you haven't picked up your copy of the workbook.

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