Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My Left Foot

My freakin left foot has been killing me since Sunday -let’s all have a pity party for me. 1-2-3-AWWWWWWW!

On Saturday Rob and I did our normal road bike ride with the Boca Raton Bicycle Club. Did the normal route from Palmetto to Lake Worth Inlet and back for total of 38 miles. My feet were fine the entire ride. My feet were fine for the rest of Saturday. My feet were fine most of Sunday.

Around 9 PM Sunday I decided to take the flyer for the Bike America Cycling Festival out to Rob, who was in the family room, to see how early we would have to leave the house on Saturday morning. When I got to the dinning room, it suddenly felt like someone smashed the bottom of my left foot with a baseball bat. I took another step, and more pain. WTF!?!

I couldn’t freakin walk and had to hobble around the house like the old lady that I really am.

I think Rob and I have an open tab at the Boca Raton Orthopedic Group so I called them first thing Monday morning. They said to come in first thing today (Tuesday morning) to see Dr. Bromson who specializes in surgery and sports medicine of the foot & ankle (and dance medicine too - how versatile ).

They took a bunch of x-rays of my left foot and knee. My left knee was hurting too, but I think that’s because of the strange way I’ve been walking/hobbling/hopping since my foot started to hurt. My knee pain could also be because I’m riding in a slightly different position on my new bike and my body has to readjust to the new, aerodynamic position.

Nothing showed up on the x-rays though. Dr. Bromson said the pain on/in the ball of my foot could be a couple of things. His best guess was either a neuroma (benign tumor of a nerve running between the metatarsals) or bursitis (inflammation of the bursa, which is the fluid-filled sac between tendons and muscles and bone).

And the doc say the pain on the top of my foot could be the beginning of a stress fracture. But looking at a few websites, stress fractures usually don’t show up on x-rays until 2-3 weeks after they happen? He said to get some sort of metatarsal pad for my foot and come back to see him in a week and eat a bunch of ibuprofren/aleve.

I thought the OLD inserts I had in my road bike shoes had a metatarsal button on them which ended up causing me a lot of pain. I took the old inserts out and got a pair of those heat moldable inserts from Matt/Knobby. My feet felt great ever since putting in the new inserts. So I don’t understand what a metatarsal pad will do the help alleviate the pain in my foot?

I didn’t get a prescription for drugs, a shot of drugs, a lolly pop or anything. What a freakin RIP OFF! $30 co-pay, I should get a pen or a pack of gum or something.

Well, I can barely walk to the other side of the house to do laundry. So maybe racing this weekend wouldn’t be such a good idea. My doctor didn’t say I couldn’t race, but he asked me, if I’m not able to ride at all during the week, did I really think I’d be able to get up on Saturday and go do a race? The freaky bike rider in me says - HELL YES!!! But the practical mom side says, take two aleve and call me in the morning.

I think Rob plans on racing. So maybe I’ll take a ride with him, to at least check out the course for next year. And I can be the unofficial cheerleader.

Anyone out there that’s dealt with similar injuries that could offer their advice, opinions?

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