Friday, April 4, 2008

Bike Diva Squidoo Lens

Squidoo is a site that I have just started playing around with. So far I have setup five lenses on Squidoo.

1. Magical Scriptorium - Fine Writing Supplies for the Discriminating Connoisseur
2. Freelance Writer Lynn Smythe - links to all my writing sites
3. The Bike Diva - companion site to the Bike Diva blog
4. Freelance Online Writing - resources & tips for freelance writers
5. The Moon is Made of Cheese - a silly Monkey Brain lens.

The Bike Diva Squidoo lens has companion biking information that I can’t easily place on my Bike Diva blog. So far the information I’ve got added to the lens includes:

RSS Feed from the Bike Diva blog
U-Tube video on a training road bike ride that I participated in
Links to cycling books for sale on Amazon
Links to cycling related merchandise for sale on Cafe Press
What’s your favorite bike poll
RSS Feed from On Your Mark Performance Center blog
Flickr cycling photos
Delicious cycling bookmarks
Links to cycling blog posts on Google

Unlike a blog, a lens is a single page of information concentrated on a particular topic. A lens does not have to be updated as often as a blog. Lens making is totally new to me, so I am waiting to see if I will actually start to make any money from my lenses or not. Squidoo recommends making multiple lenses if you want to start making any revenue. They say that single lenses, with rare exception, usually don’t make a significant amount of money for the lens owner.

The main reason I created the Bike Diva Squidoo lens was to use it as another way to get the word out about the Bike Diva blog. Do you Squidoo? Let me know if you have any lenses on Squidoo and maybe we can trade links.

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